User-Engineer Relationship

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Talking about building a product, there must be users. Yaa, a product built to help its users.

Apart from users, the other actors are engineers, especially if we talk about technology-powered products. So, how should the relationship between engineers and users be?

Have you ever been in an environment where engineers just received a package of requirements to build? They don’t even need to know the background and expected impact, just need to deliver a set of features according to requirements. If you’re there, it’s time for you to rethink. It’s a bad environment!

Indeed, coding is the main job of an engineer. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t participate in other processes. It is very important for an engineer to be close to users, knowing their anxiety, build empathy, and so on. So, the engineer can understand clearly, what is the code written for.

Tips for you, engineer:

  • Provide time allocation to participate in user research.
  • Make sure you always read user feedback.
  • Monitor things you build. Go back to the user and ask, can it have a good impact for him?

If you are an engineer and you only code, you only get half of your value!

Start with simple activities to approach the user. As simple as asking them to talk about their experience using your product.




Chief Product Officer at Dicoding

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Nur Rohman

Nur Rohman

Chief Product Officer at Dicoding

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